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Construction Management

Under public agency directions, S Kwok Engineers, Inc., provides services in:

  • assisting the public agencies in the construction bidding process,
  • managing construction projects according to public agency procedures and representing the public agencies during construction. The construction management work includes but is not limited to:
    • resolving construction disputes,
    • inspecting work and materials,
    • coordinating field change orders,
    • monitoring work progress and payments as well as prevailing wages,
    • coordinating work between the contractors and designers,
    • documenting daily activities,
    • preparing as-built drawings,
    • preparing close-up reports and all necessary work to complete the construction project,
  • coordinating with the stakeholders and regulatory agencies for construction activities,
  • coordinating with residents and businesses for construction activities,
  • hiring and coordinating testing laboratories for quality assurance for construction materials,
  • coordinating with agency managers in preparing construction reports for reporting purposes.